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A Man For All Seasons [1966]A Man For All Seasons [1966]From

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A Man For All Seasons: a motion picture for all time! Winner of six Academy Awards - including 1966 Best Picture - 'A Man For All Seasons' stars Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More a respected English s...
Actors(s): Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller, Leo McKern, Robert Shaw, Orson Welles
Release date:
To Catch a Thief  [1955]To Catch a Thief [1955]From

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The French Riviera… two luminous stars (Grace Kelly, Cary Grant)… and the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, behind the camera. They all add up to one romantic, dazzling screen thrill...
Actors(s): Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis, John Williams, Brigitte Auber
Release date:
The Humphrey Bogart Collection - The Maltese Falcon / Casablanca / The Big Sleep / Key LargoThe Humphrey Bogart Collection - The Maltese Falcon / Casablanca / The Big Sleep / Key LargoFrom

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FOUR DVD BOX SET containing the films The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Big Sleep and Key Largo - THE MALTESE FALCON: Bogart's career breakthrough and John Huston's directorial debut! P.I. Sam Spade...
Actors(s): Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Edward G Robinson, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains
Release date:
Greyfriars Bobby [1960]Greyfriars Bobby [1960]From

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Overflowing with warmth and charm Greyfriars Bobby celebrates the powerful bond between man and a kind and loving animal. Based on Eleanor Atkinson's immortal children's book - Walt Disney presents th...
Actors(s): Donald Crisp, Laurence Naismith, Alex Mackenzie, Kay Walsh, Andrew Cruickshank
Release date:
Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] [1941]Citizen Kane [Blu-ray] [1941]From

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Digitally remastered from original film elements. In May 1941, RKO Pictures released a controversial film by a 25-year-old first-time director. That premiere of Orson Welles' Citizen Kane was to have ...
Actors(s): Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingore, Everett Sloane, Ray Collins
Release date:
Far From the Madding Crowd [Blu-ray] [1967]Far From the Madding Crowd [Blu-ray] [1967]From

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Headstrong and passionate Bathsheba Everdene (Julie Christie) unexpectedly inherits a large farm in rural Dorset. Struggling to manage the farm herself she captivates the hearts and minds of three ve...
Actors(s): Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Terence Stamp, Peter Finch, Prunella Ransome
Release date:
Doctor Who - Myths And LegendsDoctor Who - Myths And LegendsFrom

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Doctor Who: Myths & Legends (Dr Who)
Actors(s): Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado, Nicholas Courtney
Release date:
Rififi [Blu-ray]Rififi [Blu-ray]From

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from UK Retailers
RIFIFI (ri-f’ -fi) n. French argot. 1. Quarrel rumble free-for-all open hostilities between individuals or gangs rough and tumble confrontation between two or more individuals. 2. A tens...
Actors(s): Jean Servais, Carl Mohner, Robert Manuel, Magali Noel, Perlo Vita
Release date:
We Were Soldiers [2002]We Were Soldiers [2002]From

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In a place soon to be known as 'The Valley of Death' in a small clearing called landing zone X-Ray Lt. Colonel Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) and 400 young troops all from an elite American combat division...
Actors(s): Mel Gibson, Madeleine Stowe, Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott, Chris Klein
Release date:
Dr. Strangelove [Blu-ray] [1964]Dr. Strangelove [Blu-ray] [1964]From

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A brilliant film a classic black comedy. A group of war-eager military men plan a nuclear apocalypse that is both funny and frightening - and seems as relevant today as ever. Through a series of milit...
Actors(s): Sterling Hayden, George C. Scott, Peter Sellers, Keenan Wynn, Frank Berry
Release date:
Clint Eastwood - The Blu-ray Collection [Region Free]Clint Eastwood - The Blu-ray Collection [Region Free]From

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from UK Retailers
Rediscover one of the Big Screen's most-loved actors in this beautifully packaged Blu-ray boxset. Includes 8 of Clint's best works: Coogan's Bluff Two Mules for Sister Sara The Beguiled Play Mis...
Actors(s): William Holden, Kay Lenz, Roger C. Carmel, Robert Duvall, Marj Dusay
Release date:
The Third Man: Limited CollectorThe Third Man: Limited Collector's Edition [Blu-ray + DVD] [1949]From

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from UK Retailers
THE THIRD MAN has been beautifully restored in 4K for the first time showcasing the genius of this celebrated British noir voted the ‘The greatest British film of all time’ by a ...
Actors(s): Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Trevor Howard, Bernard Lee
Release date:
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir  [1947]The Ghost and Mrs. Muir [1947]From

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from UK Retailers
Joseph Mankiewicz's moody classic is less ghost story than romantic fantasy, a handsome 1947 drama of impossible love. Independent young widow Lucy Muir (the luminous Gene Tierney), desperate to escap...
Actors(s): Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Edna Best, Natalie Wood
Release date:
Rear Window [1954]Rear Window [1954]From

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from UK Retailers
None of Hitchcock's films has ever given a clearer view of his genius for suspense than Rear Window. When professional photographer J.B. ""Jeff"" Jeffries (James Stewart) is confined to a wheelchair w...
Actors(s): James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter
Release date:
King LearKing LearFrom

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from UK Retailers
A production of the Shakespeare tragedy which brings out the themes of family relationship youth versus age and the struggle of good over evil.
Actors(s): Laurence Olivier, Colin Blakely, Anna Calder-Marshall, John Hurt, Jeremy Kemp
Release date:
HobsonHobson's ChoiceFrom

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Henry Horatio Hobson (Academy Award -Winner Charles Laughton) is the owner of a well-established boot shop in nineteenth century Salford Lancashire and the father of three daughters. The oldest Ma...
Actors(s): Charles Laughton, John Mills, Brenda De Banzie, Daphne Anderson, Prunella Scales
Release date:
Funny Face  [1957]Funny Face [1957]From

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from UK Retailers
S'Wonderful S'Marvelous! Paris the City of Light shines even brighter when Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire team up for the only time and bring their luminous starpower to this exquisite musical featur...
Actors(s): Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Kay Thompson, Michel Auclair, Robert Flemyng
Release date:
Harvey [1950]Harvey [1950]From

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from UK Retailers
This classic stage production gets a Hollywood make-over. James Stewart plays the title role as Elwood P. Dowd who befriends a human-sized rabbit by the name of Harvey: the trouble is only he can see ...
Actors(s): James Stewart, Josephine Hull, Victoria Horne, Peggy Dow, Cecil Kellaway
Release date:
M (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD)M (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD)From

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from UK Retailers
Of all Fritz Lang’s creations, none have been more innovative or influential than M, the film that launched German cinema into the sound era with stunning sophistication and mesmerising artistry...
Actors(s): Peter Lorre, Ellen Widmann
Release date:
Nosferatu [Masters of Cinema] [Blu-ray]Nosferatu [Masters of Cinema] [Blu-ray]From

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from UK Retailers
An iconic film of the German expressionist cinema and one of the most famous of all silent movies F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror continues to haunt - and indeed terrify - moder...
Actors(s): Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder, Gustav Botz, John Gottowt
Release date:
The Exorcist - 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1973] [Region Free]The Exorcist - 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1973] [Region Free]From

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from UK Retailers
Director William Friedkin was a hot ticket in Hollywood after the success of The French Connection, and he turned heads (in more ways than one) when he decided to make The Exorcist as his follow-up fi...
Actors(s): Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, Lee J. Cobb, Jack MacGowran
Release date:
The Joan Crawford Collection  [1945]The Joan Crawford Collection [1945]From

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from UK Retailers
Mildred PierceA classic American novel published to tie-in with a major new SKY series starring Kate Winslet.Whatever Happened to Baby JanePossessed
Actors(s): Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Van Heflin, Jack Carson
Release date:
The Sound Of Music [1965]The Sound Of Music [1965]From

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from UK Retailers
The most widely seen movie produced by a Hollywood studio, The Sound of Music grows fresher with each viewing. Though it was planned meticulously in pre-production (save for the scene where Maria and ...
Actors(s): Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn, Peggy Wood
Release date:
All About Eve  [1950]All About Eve [1950]From

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An ingenue insinuates herself in to the company of an established but aging stage actress and her circle of theater friends.
Actors(s): Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Gary Merrill
Release date:
Doris Day - Essential CollectionDoris Day - Essential CollectionFrom

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from UK Retailers
Titles Comprise:Young at Heart: Doris Day and Frank Sinatra in Young at Heart with Gig Young Ethel Barrymore Dorothy Malone Robert Keith Elisabeth Fraser Alan Hale, Jr. Includes songs by Cole Porter G...
Actors(s): Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Gig Young, Cary Grant, Audrey Meadows
Release date:
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