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Canon PowerShot SX40 HS

Digital Compact, 12.1 Megapixel, USB, Secure Digital, SDHC, SDXC, 600 g

Brand: Canon (Show all Canon Digital Cameras)

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youtube video
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review If big optical zooms, top-notch image stabilization and advanced manual controls light your fixed-lens digital camera fire, th...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step One - Camera Layout
I hope this will help people to use the Powershot Sx40 HS and to get what each button does. I will do more help videos in the near future if they seem to be ...
Видеообзор Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
Видеообзор Canon PowerShot SX40 HS от компании Цифровичок.
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS 1080p HD Video test Review official - See How This Special FREE Photography Report Reveals Professional, "Insider" Tips And Tricks ...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step Thirty Three - Using shutter speed to capture action
A run through how different shutter speeds can help to to capture action frozen in time or to show movement over time. Check out the Blog, Facebook Page, Fli...
Обзор Canon Powershot SX40 HS
Видеобзор 35-кратного ультразума Canon Powershot SX40 HS. Узнать цены на Canon Powershot SX40 HS:
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step Fourteen - Macro Photography
Three things to remember: 1 - Keep your zoom retracted, zoom will stop your macro focus from working properly. 2 - Remember to activate Macro focus (picture ...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step Seven - Manual Focus
A (hopefully) better and clearer explanation of the manual focus on this camera. Check out my new Blog at or come along to ...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Test
My first test of the Powershot sx40 by Canon. This footage was shot hand held and I used manual exposure. In the post, no color correction but I added a tiny...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step Four - Scene Mode
A run through the pre-set scenes on the powershot SX40 HS. There are a lot of cool pre-sets that I've grown to love. Some aren't perfect, but then again neit...
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS review
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS review Read our full review at:
Canon Powershot SX40 HS hands-on Test (german)
Test mit Fotos der SX40, Zoombereich bis 35fach optisch, Videoaufnahmen in Full HD.
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Review
I recently purchased the Canon Powershot SX40 HS Bridge camera. These are my thoughts on the camera. Excuse my voice if it bores you, I haven't done this sor...
Canon SX40 HS Português - Canon Powershot SX40 HS
Câmera Canon Powershot SX40 HS - Canon SX40 - Câmera Digital Canon - ### Cristiano Oliveira Narvaz ### - português - espanhol - Umboxing - Primeiras Impressõ...
Canon SX40 HS Zoom Test From Empire State Building Top
An amazing zoom demonstration with the Canon Powershot SX40, You can see individual people skating half a mile away at the Rockefeller Center.
Test aparatu Canon PowerShot SX40 HS []
Wideotest superzooma Canon PowerShot SX40 HS. Więcej przykładowych zdjęć oraz film możecie zobaczyć na Fotoblogii:
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS review
A short, sharp review of the PowerShot SX40 HS, Canon's latest premium ultra-zoom camera. Head to for more. Visit http://www.exp...
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
Nah ran mit der PowerShot SX40 HS. Mit ihrem Ultraweitwinkelobjektiv mit 35fach optischem Zoom, tollen Ergebnissen dank HS System auch bei schlechtem Licht, ...
Cámara Canon Powershot SX40 HS - Digital Factory
En Digital Factory os traemos un análisis de la nueva cámara Canon Powershot SX40 HS, nuestros expertos os enseñan como funciona la nueva Canon Powershot SX4...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Unboxing
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Digic 5 Processor 12.1 Megapixel CMOS censor 35X Optical Zoom $399 ...and I'm back!
Canon PowerShot S100 und SX40 HS
Die PowerShot S100 nutzt das Canon EOS Sensor-Know-how und den neuesten DIGIC-5-Prozessor für außergewöhnliche Bilder auch bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen....
i just got my Canon powershot SX40 hs camera (: i wanted to test out the autofocus and how well things would turn out so this is a test video, nothing too im...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS Tutorial: Step Nine - Photographing the moon!
A new hobby of mine, that moon is so pretty! I hope everyone can get good results of it and I apologise for how hard it is to see what I'm doing. Two cameras...
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review
Review of the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS This is the third and final video of this series exploring the first release of the Digic 5 processor from Canon. Day 1...
Canon Powershot SX40 HS, un vrai concurrent à Panasonic et Nikon
Alors que le marché du bridge est le seul, avec l'hybride, à rester dans le vert depuis le début de l'année, l'arrivée de ce SX40 HS ne peut être qu'une bonn...

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