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Expert reviews
Expert reviews of Nikon Coolpix S100
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  • LargeLCDscreensize, Screensensitivity, Clarityofscreen, Minimalshutterlagtimes, Stereosound,
    3Dshooting, Panoramas, Compact, Stylish design, Multipoint touchscreen, Full HD video with stereo sound and zoom, Great looks, Good screen, Wellconsidered interface
  • Pictures could be a shade sharper, Sensitivity could be better, Lens isn', Slow interface,
    T good enough for sharp 8" x 10" prints or for cropping, Pinch to zoom doesn', T work very well, Crazy LCD colour saturation, Autofocus is fast but not always accurate, Difficult to hold, Some noise in shots has collected 16 expert reviews for Nikon Coolpix S100 and the average expert rating is 71 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
Good:  LargeLCDscreensize,screensensitivity,clarityofscreen,minimalshutterlagtimes,stereosound,3Dshooting,panoramas
Bad:  Pictures could be a shade sharper

Good:  Compact, stylish design, Multipoint touchscreen, Full HD video with stereo sound and zoom
Bad:  Sensitivity could be better, Lens isn't good enough for sharp 8" x 10" prints or for cropping, Slow interface, pinch to zoom doesn't work very well, Crazy LCD colour saturation, Autofocus is fast but not always accurate
Bottomline:  The Nikon Coolpix S100 is certainly very different from the S80. However, although the new lens has a proper wide-angle setting, it's just not up to scratch. As a result, Nikon struggles to get the best out of the camera's new sensor. Plus, since the S...

Bottomline:  A comprehensive, affordable package with plenty of features for beginners to utilise and the inclusion of a full HD movie mode means it’s a camera for all occasions Overall Our provides the latest photography news, reviews, previews, features and tec...

Good:  Great looks, Good screen, Wellconsidered interface
Bad:  Difficult to hold, Some noise in shots
Bottomline:  The Nikon Coolpix S100's performance doesn't quite live up to its looks, and, while this compact camera is packed with features, its price is too high for our liking....

Excerpt:  Available in a pair of loud colours, and featuring an eye-catching sliding shutter cover design, the Nikon COOLPIX S100 is certainly pitched at the more style conscious. That isn't to say, however, that substance has gone by the wayside - the S100 in f...

Bottomline:  The S100 is packed with full 1080p HD video recording and takes 360°/180° panoramics using the sweep method. On occasion there is some vignetting visible, the battery has a short life expectancy and noise effects image quality from ISO 400. The touch scr...

Bottomline:  The new range of compacts from Nikon are certainly shaping up to be some of the most exciting we've seen from them in recent times. Based on looks alone, the S100 should be a pretty basic model with mediocre functions and performance results. But what...

Good:  La grabación de video en Full HD y la resolución de las fotografías. Su diseño y mecanismo de tapa deslizable
Bad:  Podría tener botones de acceso rápido a funciones específicas
Bottomline:  Si te gusta estar a la moda y buscas una cámara elegante que te ayude a fotografiar tus vacaciones o algún paseo, esta Nikon es una opción. Muestra el estilo que tienes cuando vayas de fiesta con el moderno diseño de la S100....

Good:  Style ultracompact et élégance du boîtier, Écran tactile multipoints, Vidéo Full HD avec son stéréo et zoom.
Bad:  Sensibilité en retrait des meilleurs, Qualité optique insuffisante pour un tirage 20x27 cm ou pour recadrer, Interface peu réactive, zoom à deux doigts aléatoire, Saturation délirante de l'affichage, Autofocus ultrarapide, mais pas ultraprécis.
Bottomline:  Le S100 est une refonte radicale du précédent modèle. Las, l'objectif utilisé, s'il a enfin un vrai grand-angle, est de qualité insuffisante, et Nikon peine à profiter pleinement des qualités du capteur. L'interface n'ayant pas évolué, le S100 n'est au...

Excerpt:  Mit der Coolpix S100 bringt Nikon eine Digitalkamera auf den Markt, die dank kleiner Maße in fast jede (Hosen-)Tasche passt und deshalb als ständiger Begleiter geeignet ist. Damit konkurriert sie mit anderen kompakten Geräten wie etwa der Cybershot DSC...

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