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Expert reviews
Expert reviews of SanDisk MicroSDHC
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  • That theyre the worlds largest, The easy transfer process
  • They get lost easily as theyre so darn small, Not enough mobiles can take 16GB cards yet has collected 17 expert reviews for SanDisk MicroSDHC and the average expert rating is 80 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
Good:  That theyre the worlds largest, The easy transfer process
Bad:  They get lost easily as theyre so darn small, Not enough mobiles can take 16GB cards yet
Bottomline:  If you use your mobile phone as an MP3 player, grab one of these


Bottomline:  When it comes to making a storage buying decision for your smartphone or mobile media devices price is generally the first factor considered, but performance should be considered too. Even little gains in media loads and access to files makes the mobi...

Excerpt:  The SanDisk 16GB MicroSD HC is a high-capacity card designed to work with a range of portable devices, including music players, cell phones and digital cameras that feature a microSD slot. With a speed rating of Class 2, the card is supposed to be at t...

Excerpt:  While the famous iPhone doesn’t offer storage expansion, just about every other smartphone on the market support microSDHC cards. SanDisk recently sent us a 16GB microSDHC card. Although there was only about 14.8GB of usable space due to formatting, it...

Excerpt:  I still remember my first computer storage device, an external hard drive for a Mac Plus. It was the size of a small VCR, held 20MB and it seemed like it was more storage then anyone would ever need until the end of time. This last week I have been te...

Bottomline:  I can’t believe that I have so much size in such a small card. The stability that I get with this card is amazing, even when using it in so many different devices. Personally I couldn’t be happier....

Excerpt:  I remember only a few years ago the SD card was considered small. If you were to say that now people would laugh at you. microSD is where it’s at, and Sandisk has achieved what to me seems impossible: a 16GB microSDHC card. If there was ever any evi...

Good:  Works with most current microSD compatible devices, Faster than microSD, Includes adapters that allow it to serve other media card type needs
Bad:  Pricey, Easy to loose, microSDHC format may not be supported by your device
Bottomline:  What do I think about it? Well, with an average capacity of either 2,000 MP3 songs, 19,000 JPEG images or 40 hours of MP4 video packed on my phone, my separate MP3 player has somehow disappeared! I dont think anybody would complain about having the...

Good:  High capacity, Adapter included for use in fullsized SD card slots, Tiny size, Readerwriter includes dust cover
Bad:  Tiny micro cards are easily lost or misplaced, Centro reports incorrect capacity, though it honors the full amount. Risky if you ask me, Windows XP Pro (SP2) also cannot deal with SDHC higher capacity without a bugfix.
Bottomline:  For music, pictures, and other storage-intensive files, nothing beats interchangeable memory chips. Fill ‘em up, stash ‘em in your pockets, and select what you want to view or listen to. For Centro, this means “micro” SD or micro...

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