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Expert reviews
Expert reviews of Apple iPad 2
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  • Budget option for those looking for high capacity iPad, High build quality, Beautiful Design,
    IOS 7 is a userfriendly software platform, Great Operating System in IOS5, A5 Processor is still fast, App Store is larger than any other for tablets, Design / Finish / Handling / iCloud, Highquality screen, Responsive and highly contrasted, Battery life / Fast web browsing / Notification Centre, General responsiveness / Userfriendly interface, Great choice of apps in the App Store / Wireless sync to iTunes, Faster, Lighter, And now with cameras, Brilliant interface, Video and audio performance are excellent, Without a doubt, The most impressive thing about the Apple iPad 2 is its build quality. Constructed out of a solid piece of aluminium, With a bright and vivid glass display, It', S every bit the premium gadget. We also love the operating system on the Apple iPad 2. Unlike rival tablets, There are loads of apps that take full advantage of the iPad', S form factor, Helping to turn the Apple into a genu, Easy to use, Superb selection of apps available, HD video camera, Fantastic design, Better ergonomics, Good battery life, IOS 4.3 brings improvements, Facetime chats, Smudge-resistant screen, Fast dualcore CPU, Lighter and Slimmer than previous iPad, IOS best tablet operating system available, Very sleek and stylish, Lots of iPad apps, Especially new media and magazines, Video calling facilities, An awesome tablet which improves on an already successful platform, Thinner and lighter than ever, Plenty of apps available, Front and rear cameras, Superb battery life, Very easy to use, Slim and lightweight, Thinner and faster with the same battery life as before, Dramatically thinner than the iPad, FaceTime video chat, Faster processor, Mobile broadband option
  • No Retina display, Doesn', May struggle with demanding apps and games, Three years old, Can',
    T get all features of iOS 7 and likely to fall further behind in future, Now discontinued, Dated Screen, Cameras are poor and let the tablet down, New Model Released, Poorquality camera, No builtin SD card reader (optional adapter only) / No USB port / Single proprietary connection, No Flash compatibility for web browsing, T play DivX files without a special app or file conversion, ICloud can be intrusive in its interaction with other iDevices, Enforced use of iTunes is doubleedged sword, Home screen lacks flexibility, The biggest problem with the Apple iPad 2 is its lack of ports. It', S a shame that there', S no USB port – making it impossible to easily hook up other devices without buying peripherals, And the need to use iTunes to copy your music across is also frustrating., Still expensive, Not enough new to tempt existing owners, Where', S the innovation?, No retina screen, Still no Flash, Negligable performance boost, Somewhat low screen resolution, 3G model is expensive, T serve any specific function, The omission of Flash video is a big issue, ITunes is dated and it’s hard to transfer data without iTunes, No display resolution bump, Trouble with backlight bleeding, No Flash support, Complex tasks are fiddly and take time, Difficult to transfer noniTunes content back and forth, Apple-only applications, Limited connectivity, Sub-standard cameras, No removable storage, Not quite worth the upgrade for iPad owners, No change in screen resolution, Photo quality is mediocre, Still no Adobe Flash support, HDMI, USB and SD connections all require adapters
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Excerpt:  expert video review...


Excerpt:  The iPad 2 launched today. Should you invest in a brand new iPad or buy a cheaper 1st generation iPad and what does the new iPad 2 have that the iPad 1 doesn't?Video conferencingRear Facing CameraMore Powerful Processor and More MemoryLighterChoice of col...

Excerpt:  The Apple iPad 1 dominated the consumer tablet PC market last year and is still the best tablet PC available. Now the iPad 2 has come out, it's stretched Apple's lead even further. Apple's dominance is not in the hardware, where other tablet PC's have str...

Excerpt:  The new iPad 3 has launched and is up for pre-order. So what are the stand-out new features and should you buy the iPad 3 or consider a cheaper iPad 2 ?The iPad 3 has some nice new features but I'm not sure I'd buy it if I could get a good deal on an iPad...

Excerpt:  Apple's first iPad was kind of a solution without a problem. Nobody really knew then whether sales would last beyond the initial craze wrought by Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, but to a certain extent, time has vindicated the believers. iPads and o...

Good:  Budget option for those looking for high capacity iPad, high build quality, iOS 7 is a userfriendly software platform
Bad:  No Retina display, doesn't get all features of iOS 7 and likely to fall further behind in future, may struggle with demanding apps and games, three years old, now discontinued
Bottomline:  We certainly think it's wise of Apple to let the iPad 2 go. It seemed to be clinging on for dear life and we knew it was only a matter of time before Apple deemed it too old to be part of the iPad line-up. The iPad 4 (only available as a 16GB model) co...

Bottomline:  You get three main upgrades for your £70: the iPad Air is 28 percent lighter than the iPad 2 (as well as a fair bit slimmer); it's a lot quicker, although some of the extra speed will only become apparent when you use demanding, recent apps; and it comes ...

Excerpt:  If you're in the market for a 10in tablet, Apple now offers either the new iPad Air or the old iPad 2. Read on to find out which one you should buy...

Excerpt:  Apple's iPad Air was launched last night (read our iPad Air review for our verdict). One of the surprises of the iPad Air launch event was the news that the iPad 4, like the iPad 3 before it, will no longer be available, while the older iPad 2 will rem...

Excerpt:  Apple discontinued the iPad 3 because it replaced it with the iPad 4. However, you can still pick it up second hand or refurbished so we've compared it to the still available iPad 2...


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