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Expert reviews
Expert reviews of Intel Core i5 660 3.33GHz Socket 1156
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Excerpt:  Our previous review was dedicated to the Core i7-800 LGA1156 series. The conclusion was that those solutions, as well as the Core i7-900 LGA1366 series, can offer enough computing power for most tasks you may need accomplished. At least four cores and ...

Excerpt:  The Core i5 was the second CPU from Intel to come with an integrated memory controller (the Core i7 was the first, while the Core i3 was the third), feature present on CPUs from AMD since the Athlon 64. Core i5 CPUs are based on the Core architecture, ...

Excerpt:  Two months ago AMD released a bunch of new CPUs priced between $70 - $120. For the past couple of years AMD has been enjoying the fact that Intel's newest architectures start out at the higher price points, and take their sweet time to trickle down to...

Excerpt:  Late in 2009, Intel's standing in the high-performance desktop CPU segment was excellent as the company's primary and almost the only rival had just left that part of the market. On the other hand, Intel's positions were threatened in the mainstream se...

Bottomline:  With the release of the Core i5 Clarkdale based processors (650/660/661/670) Intel is making a bit of an unusual move. See, we all know that the 'system on a chip' concept is something which in the future we will see more and more. But after testi...

Excerpt:  Parmi les sujets que nous réclament à corps et à cris nos lecteurs depuis des années, il y a la réalisation d'un large comparatif de processeurs. Souvent lorsque nous nous intéressons à un nouveau modèle de processeur, nous le comparons à la génération...

Excerpt:  De afgelopen twee jaar is er veel gebeurd in processorland: nieuwe series, nieuwe sockets, de eerste chips met geïntegreerde videokaart en ga zo maar door. Begin volgend jaar komen Intel en AMD weer met nieuwe processorseries. Tijd dus om de balans voo...

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